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Diesel Automotive Parts

Diesel automotive parts are the specialty of the Laminar Auto company. Our business was founded on the premise of providing a solid distribution model to dealers, junkyards, retail shops and actual owners of diesel vehicles inside the USA. There are thousands of distribution agencies supporting gasoline based engines. There are even fewer companies that specialize in the diesel industry. That’s where we come into the picture.

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Laminar Auto Parts Distribution Online

The divisions that we’ve created make our network a lot bigger for consumers. Parts distribution is just one facet of our growing company. We’re now supporting the public with parts sales, distribution and ways to connect with more professionals in the industry. The components industry has changed a lot and we’re at the forefront of making huge changes that impact our customers.

The Laminar difference means delivering great quality diesel components with the absolute cheapest prices. There can be price confusion in the industry when parts buyers begin to search online. What we try to accomplish is offering a unique system for delivering what could be the top sale pricing in the industry. We’re now a national company. What this means to customers is that our reach is now across the United States to build our diesel automotive parts offerings.

Consumers can buy these parts and more at Laminar:

1. Diesel Engines

2. Diesel Transmissions

3. Diesel Transmission Fluid

4. Diesel Fuel Systems

5. Diesel Injectors

6. Diesel Glow Plugs

7. Diesel Fuel Pumps

Sophisticated Ordering and Two-Day Delivery

Do you hate waiting after ordering auto parts? Shipping delays are unfortunately common in the North American auto parts industry. Most retailers are not at fault the delays can come from the freight companies. Laminar Auto has an internal processing team for placed orders. This means that only one person is assigned to each customer to process the order request. This removes delays and allows complete follow through for every diesel part ordered.

The fast delivery offered is always included in the price. Top parts for Cummins, Perkins, International, Navistar, Ford, Caterpillar, BMW and VW motors can be found in our Internet catalog. These components are always delivered in record time. The choice between new parts, used parts, rebuilt parts and aftermarket parts is one that can be made in our catalog of components. Ordered parts are shipped within North America and delivered within a couple of days. This is part of our components guarantee that is provided to each and every customer.

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